Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Watering the Roof

Seeing all the coverage of the fires in S.Cal I remember when we used to have to water the roof in Calabasas. We came close to being evacuated a couple of times, and we once had to put up someone who was evacuated. But this seems worse than anything we used to see 30 years ago (I feel so old writing that).

Growing up there you were just used to it. I have told people S.Cal has seasons -- Green, brown and Fire.

We also have another weather phenomenon -- the First Rain of the Season. It is a truism that people in S.Cal can't drive in the rain. Well, there is a reason for that -- The First Rain of the Season. You see, it doesn't rain for 10 months of the year and during those 10 months whenever some tops off their tank and spills some gas on the ground -- it evaporates. Then comes the first rain and 10 months of petrochemical products comes down with it. Every puddle is an oil slick. I remember being in the car with my brother when he hit the breaks and did a 360 because he hit a puddle on the on ramp.

I was talking to someone in Boston today about the fires and she said that S.Cal scared her. It's funny. Earthquakes and brush fires don't scare me. Earthquakes are land surfing. But snow has almost killed me a couple of times. I still have nightmares about driving in blizzards in SD.

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Marty said...

You are right about the fire rain cycle in CA. I too remember the 360 in the car - my heart was pounding. By the way, Ballroom Blitz was on the radio at the time we hit the slick.