Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food Network Thoughts 1

I think like most of America we have been watching the Food Network more and more. I think of it is as "Food Porn". We've been through the same cycle of cable watching as the rest of the country -- first it was "Financial Porn" of watching the stock reports, a phase that ended when it became depressing with the end of the tech bubble. (Was working for Juno and watched the stock go from $87 to 87 cents). Then it was HG TV and "House Porn", with shows like house hunters and flip this house and trading spaces. Now that is pretty depressing.

At least we still have food! It's like in the depression when chocolate sales went up, because no matter how bad things got, people could still get a 5 cent Hersey bar. If that ever goes, people will be reduced to watching "Porn Porn".

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