Monday, October 29, 2007

Corruption in Iraq now basis of Nigerian Scam Spam

I just got my first e-mail using the corruption in Iraq as the basis of the Nigerian Scam. As everyone knows, in the Nigerian Scam someone as some ill-gotten gain they need to move out of a country and they want to use your bank account to do it. To work, the ill-gotten gain has to be so notorious that they assume any e-mail recipient will have hear of it, so it marks a milestone in the notoriety of U.S. Government corruption in Iraq that these are now circulating (this is not a particularly good one, as it makes grammatical mistakes of a non-native speaker, although the link to a news article is a good touch -- although no real American in Iraq would link to the BBC):

I am a Civil Staff working under United States Marine Corps operating with the Engineering military Dept unit in Baghdad, Iraq, we discover about $65 Million US dollars that we want to move out but we need a good partner we can trust. This fund is oil money and legal. Click on the link bellow for more information
We will be moving these funds out of Iraq through the assistance of UN diplomatic officer. But the question is can we trust you when the funds get to you? You will take your 30% for the assistance and keep the remaining for us in a safe custody. Your role is to find a safe place for the funds while our own part is sending it to you. Wait Your Reply Michael Joseph

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