Friday, November 30, 2007

Red Sox Poltics

Is it that everyone loves a winner, or that New Hampshire gets Boston media and has lots of Sox fans.

This was in a political newsletter I get:

"Jumping on the Red Sox Bandwagon

First we had Gov. Bill Richardson claiming to like the Red Sox and Yankees -- something any baseball fan knows is impossible.

Then, while stomping for votes in New England, Yankee fan Rudy Giuliani was mocked for saying he would actually root for the Red Sox in the World Series. Now, we have "lifelong Red Sox fan" Mitt Romney not knowing how long it had been since the Red Sox won a World Series when they finally got there in 2004. As ABC News notes, "It is a number that millions of Red Sox fans know by heart. It is a number that many kids in Massachusetts know before they can even count." With my beloved Red Sox the World champs again this year, it's funny watching so many politicians trying to become citizens of Red Sox Nation. "

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Roger said...

Since this was posted, Richardson and McCain both said their most prize possession was a baseball that Ted Williams signed. Thompson said his most prized possession was his "Trophy Wife". I'm not kidding.