Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Putin Dream

I don't usually remember my dreams and I have no idea what this one means. As you may know, one of the ways Putin is thinking about maintaining power -- he is term limited as President -- is to get a stand in to be President while he exercises real control. In my dream, I was that stand-in. I remember thinking that one of the reasons he had picked me was that because I wasn't Russian and didn't even speak the language I would never be able to develop an independent power base to challenge him.

I was supposed to give my first speech and my friend Dave (who teaches Russian History and speaks Russian) was transliterating it so I could give it.

Again, no idea what this means and I certainly have no desire to move to Moscow. In fact, everything that is happening there makes me so glad that my ancestors left when they did.

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Anonymous said...

Правду сказать, мне кажется, что ты отличным диктатором был бы. Но, по крайне мере, я рад, что я не был в том же сне как твоя мать!